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Epic's New Mode Just SAVED Fortnite.... 

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Today I check out an AMAZING new LTM from Epic... WOW is it a BLAST!
Hope you enjoy!
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🎥 Produced, Edit and Thumbnail by: JackZenn:
🎵 Outro Song: Romos - Helios
Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about the new Machine Pistol that just got released in Fortnite!! Today I we check out epics new mode that just saved fortnite! Hope you enjoy!
#fortnite #sypherpk #season5

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26 Shk 2021




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Komente 100   
Antony Youssef
Antony Youssef Ditë më parë
Well the thumbnail is not wrong, 40 players x 5 life = 200..
Mr Butnuget
Mr Butnuget Ditë më parë
All of the 5 year olds who say it’s not clickbait this is for you if there is 40 PLAYERS with 5 lives there is still 40 PLAYERS
Åsmund Norum
Åsmund Norum 12 ditë më parë
what is the song playing in the backround?
RealorNot 26 ditë më parë
Mom: we have a scar at home The Fortnite scar at home 6:47
hugeKingKibbleFan 69
hugeKingKibbleFan 69 28 ditë më parë
40 x 5 that’s... next subject
Slonow Slonow
Slonow Slonow 29 ditë më parë
I like how fortnite listen to him but not us🤣
Nerky Muaj më parë
What was that one LTM where the storm travelled faster, I haven’t seen it in a long time
RhysXD Crombleholme
RhysXD Crombleholme Muaj më parë
I won one match and don't die. I'm I did once but I killed most with my revolver
T Ras
T Ras Muaj më parë
This is not winable for medium players. It amplifies the difference in strenght between players, rather than reduce it.
Jezreel Kilroy
Jezreel Kilroy Muaj më parë
My friend 32
S S F Sci fi
S S F Sci fi Muaj më parë
Roses are red violets are blu and I got clickbaited and so did you
Lincoln Hanley
Lincoln Hanley Muaj më parë
god bless you all
CrImSoN DyNaMiTe
CrImSoN DyNaMiTe Muaj më parë
Cameron sparks
Cameron sparks Muaj më parë
"Saved" no it didn't😂
Fortnite Fighter
Fortnite Fighter Muaj më parë
When he hit the snipe in the air I literally said shit on
minh thi
minh thi Muaj më parë
What do you mean rapid is in this week only except tormor it gone
Controlla icey
Controlla icey Muaj më parë
Underrated_Fishy Muaj më parë
Does it have skill based?
Sexy Dog
Sexy Dog Muaj më parë
this game is so dead it’s sad
Sanj Muaj më parë
Isn’t this just rebirth from warzone but with just a certain amount of lives
Cosmic Muaj më parë
When sypher turns on aimbot before playing...
PC Jimmy
PC Jimmy Muaj më parë
they copied warzone fortnite is dying
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Muaj më parë
Sypher: this is the best mode Rags to riches: wow bro
R4 Clapz
R4 Clapz Muaj më parë
Reciples 121
Reciples 121 Muaj më parë
almost like warzone...
Anthony Nieves
Anthony Nieves Muaj më parë
Hated this game mode. My account was supper glitched I couldn’t collect mats. I’d break a whole Boulder and get 10 mats out of it.
WILLE TROLLER Muaj më parë
epic might just have to give sypher a cup just becouse of he's last words
FunnyJanni 07
FunnyJanni 07 Muaj më parë
In germany we say: Für den Algorithmus
Pinky pinky
Pinky pinky Muaj më parë
Thumbnail click bait. Sucks.
Rivzy Muaj më parë
“Maybe a gulag” at this point go warzone fortnite kids
Cameron sparks
Cameron sparks Muaj më parë
Both are fun but I like fortnite more
Cameron sparks
Cameron sparks Muaj më parë
@TrueNorth warzone literally got inspiration from every battle royale🤦🏽‍♂
TrueNorth Muaj më parë
fr, fortnite literally ran out of ideas, so at this point, all they do is collab with brands and take inspiration from other games😂
HamadTheDefault Muaj më parë
Sypher: its a 40 player lobby. The thumbnail: 200 players!
Klaw Now
Klaw Now Muaj më parë
ok ugly
Tj Frost
Tj Frost Muaj më parë
everybody go to 6:48 andthe purple AR Sypher thinks he sees is actually bugged out as a purple AR not a SCAR
visionx Jose
visionx Jose Muaj më parë
At this point fortnite has copied every game
Astro 24
Astro 24 Muaj më parë
My game glitched and I got into a game with 12 ppl and we were all solo
Jacks. Muaj më parë
Nothing can save fortnite
Relentless Acts
Relentless Acts Muaj më parë
Clickbait ? Or just lying to get views and keeps begging for subscribers
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh Muaj më parë
Kinda seems like rebirth island smh🤦‍♂️
PAiiNT Muaj më parë
Sypher: Finds purple AR Me: Whatchu tryna tell us Epic?
Cassie Muaj më parë
This is how many times when sypher said interesting 💊
Wade386 Muaj më parë
There’s also unvalted weapons like the pump
THE MAD LAD Muaj më parë
It didn’t, fn is dead
Cassie Muaj më parë
Sooo... it’s resurgence from warzone...but tweaked...
KaizBTW Muaj më parë
Thumbnail- 200 PlAyErS mY GuY , Video 40 players ,
Retro V2
Retro V2 Muaj më parë
Ayo Fortnite stay copying call of duty bruh they freal copied the resurgence mode bruh
CaptainApollyon1 Muaj më parë
Miss the forhonor videos
Madhavender Singh
Madhavender Singh Muaj më parë
what is the name of this mode
Geo Elder
Geo Elder Muaj më parë
It looks obvious that their copying Warzone this is just like rebirth lmao
Kyrox Muaj më parë
I know right
Lit_Ghostly Muaj më parë
I was in a 50 player creative
Kyrox Muaj më parë
Yes it’s possible now
Tensaiwastaken Muaj më parë
Did I just get clickbaited?
FB Cokes
FB Cokes Muaj më parë
Kizia09 Muaj më parë
sypher: its easy to get 40 bombs in this gamemode lachlan: cries in the corner.
Resul Yorulmaz
Resul Yorulmaz Muaj më parë
Noob i am pro my brother is mashmello
Fresh Jr
Fresh Jr Muaj më parë
I not saying I'm any better than me because u would absolutely poop on me but in my first game I got 31 Elkins solo squads
Nooahメ Muaj më parë
I got 20 Elims and my team got together 52 and i was the hole game gray
bwnri xasrt
bwnri xasrt Muaj më parë
The chivalrous malaysia coherently drag because mercury culturally tick past a wacky horn. normal, ripe advertisement
YtN4sty Ψ
YtN4sty Ψ Muaj më parë
So whats 40x5 sypher
Zeo •
Zeo • Muaj më parë
lol sypher still on the clickbait game
父 Chickxn 父
父 Chickxn 父 Muaj më parë
Sooo... it’s resurgence from warzone...but tweaked...
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Muaj më parë
5x40 is uuuuh ooh rapid fire smg
Henry Israyelyan
Henry Israyelyan Muaj më parë
Kris Sabs
Kris Sabs Muaj më parë
I can't believe its gone already!!!! It was freaking awesome!!!
DIGGIN4WORMS Muaj më parë
u made it look easy lol
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Muaj më parë
“Saved Fortnite “he said
β Γ μ Η
β Γ μ Η Muaj më parë
user.01.12.05 Muaj më parë
Literally warzone resurgence
Hayden Watson
Hayden Watson Muaj më parë
Get baited
Josh George
Josh George Muaj më parë
What kind of click bait
β Γ μ Η
β Γ μ Η Muaj më parë
Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez Muaj më parë
At first I thought he was gonna win with only grays
Semaj yo
Semaj yo Muaj më parë
This clickbait has gotta stop dude
Semaj yo
Semaj yo Muaj më parë
@β Γ μ Η he’s so big he doesn’t even need to, like I understand it still has it’s benefits no matter how big you are but damnn lmao. Just keep it real if you already a multi millionaire
β Γ μ Η
β Γ μ Η Muaj më parë
Aidan Penunuri
Aidan Penunuri Muaj më parë
This is literally just rebirth resurgence...
Ezana Daniel
Ezana Daniel Muaj më parë
sg man
sg man Muaj më parë
Olvin Josue Castillo Castillo
The content:200 players Sypher:HMH it was 40 players.
JorgeTYB Muaj më parë
1:40 lmaooo
Vrishank pandey
Vrishank pandey Muaj më parë
Looking at the thumbnail makes me so happy even though it is clickbait.
Emmanuel B
Emmanuel B Muaj më parë
Scout regiment popping off
DaMaGe_RadioXD Muaj më parë
basjcally og fortnite
nosam Muaj më parë
I hate to break it to u but that did not save fortnite. It's long gone in the bin and it's definitely not coming back out
Gaming With Skrap
Gaming With Skrap Muaj më parë
y does he use pictures when he was bigger?
TaZimz Muaj më parë
They should add this as a game mode not an LTM
Toxic is a qt
Toxic is a qt Muaj më parë
40x5 is 150 sypher
Toxic is a qt
Toxic is a qt Muaj më parë
@β Γ μ Η 😒
β Γ μ Η
β Γ μ Η Muaj më parë
@Toxic is a qt lmao, I'm actually 16 btw and idgaf about what u have to say.
Toxic is a qt
Toxic is a qt Muaj më parë
@β Γ μ Η my god little kids and there make me and since this is sypher pk comments im not going to be rude
β Γ μ Η
β Γ μ Η Muaj më parë
@Toxic is a qt make me.
Toxic is a qt
Toxic is a qt Muaj më parë
@β Γ μ Η shh
The1 Silky
The1 Silky Muaj më parë
Great Guns and action... teasing season 6 loot pool here lol
GalusHD Muaj më parë
25 kills tooo bro
Melekot Gebreyohanes
Melekot Gebreyohanes Muaj më parë
Bro who tf plays fortnite? Saddos
β Γ μ Η
β Γ μ Η Muaj më parë
Grim CODM Muaj më parë
Why is fortnite always tryna copy something from warzone. First it was the bar system then the bounty system and now redeployment. Epic knows the game is dying and need to copy to make it alive
creature714 Muaj më parë
HASHTAG SYPHERPK ICON SERIES SKIN with diffrent styles, with mask without mask and his incredible fit journey skin !!!
Donny guerra
Donny guerra Muaj më parë
Epic just copies stuff now. This is the same concept from war zone in rebirth island and I can’t count the amount of times epic had copied Apex. But I get making the game better but they need their own ideas
Jayden Sgro
Jayden Sgro Muaj më parë
Literally resurgence
KyFi Plays
KyFi Plays Muaj më parë
Yeah I know
Call Of The Wild
Call Of The Wild Muaj më parë
Did sypher drop out of school
Good Knight
Good Knight Muaj më parë
The game mode is called "Come Back" as in come back to us, we will give you what you're asking for...finally
CommenterBruh is cool
CommenterBruh is cool Muaj më parë
I feel like epic games dosent know what and when to release things
TopCookie Muaj më parë
Alden Pfeiffer
Alden Pfeiffer Muaj më parë
This is fortnite way of making rebirth from war zone. Like think about it every time you die you get a better gun and you re spawn a certain amount of times
AEE pierce
AEE pierce Muaj më parë
Sypherpk love you and every thing you do for the fortnite community I wake up every day looking forward to your stream and our vids love you
aikorests Muaj më parë
I don't think SypherPK realises this, but they're making everyone's quarantine 200x better.
Priyan Praiyalan
Priyan Praiyalan Muaj më parë
Its lockdown not quarantine
Ann Sjoegren-Erichsen
Ann Sjoegren-Erichsen Muaj më parë
EpicPlayz Muaj më parë
1:25 that is not new it has been in team rumble for a while now
Felix Vinke
Felix Vinke Muaj më parë
Am i the only one That noticed that sipher didn’t now wat 5 times 40 was and than just changed the subject
Pr. Pwabloion
Pr. Pwabloion Muaj më parë
1:41 😂 Sypher problem knew he couldn’t do the math.
Owen S
Owen S Muaj më parë
Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson Muaj më parë
Imagine copying popular games cause urs it trash
Mister_Wood Muaj më parë
Bro why do you look so skinny? You're looking more and more like Jr. PK.... Idk is it's just your hair getting really long, or if you're losing weight. Don't take that the wrong way, I'm a big fan of you and Ben for a while but I'm just worried and wanna make sure you're ok bro
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