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My vlogs never last all day because when the camera is off, I binge on work. This means I’m drowning myself in meetings, shoots, and planning sessions + other “mommy” stuff that isn’t exactly cute or glam. Yes, friends, the day doesn’t end in a cute swimming session or having a romantic dinner with hubs. There are so many behind-the-scenes moments you guys don’t get to see. But today, we are changing that- even just for a little bit. I’m showing you what happens after Scottie’s cute mukbang sessions- the mess, the cleanup… the tired mama.

Luckily, today’s video is sponsored by Breeze Gentle and Free Laundry detergent. While it’s a mess being a full-time mom to a hyperactive and energetic little boy, it’s nice to have a detergent that's tough on stains, but still gentle on the skin. If you want to get your hands on it too, there’s a special deal happening today!

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Joyce Marzo
Joyce Marzo 21 ditë më parë
didnt realize its 30 minss😂😂🥺🥺
Nestlen Justiniani
Nestlen Justiniani 22 ditë më parë
makita jud nimo ang pagka compassionate ni Ate Kryz sa iyang tanan nga ginabuhat. makes me wanna be like her when I will become a mom someday too
Olive Magsipoc
Olive Magsipoc 26 ditë më parë
Ang cute ng tawa ni Scottie. Nakakagaan ng araw. ❤️💕
Ryan Yorong
Ryan Yorong 27 ditë më parë
I might be late to the party lmao but ano meaning ng roms? 😅 they used to call each other lomls tama baaaa
Laarni Intiao
Laarni Intiao Muaj më parë
Scotties laugh is priceless..😘💞💖
Charles Hideous
Charles Hideous Muaj më parë
Nindot kaauo tan awon imong mga vlogs kryz.Quality kaayo nga vlogs
Pegamation Productions
Pegamation Productions Muaj më parë
Okay. I have NO CLUE who the heck are you, and why did you just randomly appear out of nowhere in 2 months!!
mai faith
mai faith Muaj më parë
scotties laugh is soo priceless...😍😍
Louise Santos
Louise Santos Muaj më parë
17:15 his laugh made my day❤️
JKARL GARCIA Muaj më parë
Always enjoy watching your vlogs kryz... Just curious what's your other job, why you have tons of meeting... hmmm
Jinky Mainar
Jinky Mainar Muaj më parë
More cooking sesh pls!!!!!
月爱坤 Muaj më parë
月爱坤 Muaj më parë
julianne Muaj më parë
scottie will grow up as a kind and loving child. i just know.
Ma. Angely Garcia
Ma. Angely Garcia Muaj më parë
"There's no shame in evolving and changing." -Kryz, 2021 🤍 Let's normalize evolving and changing ppl. Please refuse to tease someone who's in the process. Thank you for inspiring me always mommy Kryz. 🥺
love ricablanca
love ricablanca Muaj më parë
Im eating right now alone and watching you guys.. atleast I dont feel alone
Melchorita Bensi
Melchorita Bensi Muaj më parë
Kryz is amazing woman!!!
Kyrheez ً
Kyrheez ً Muaj më parë
Scottie's such a happy baby. Wish I could be just as happy as Scottie. 🥺❤️
Mars Santiago
Mars Santiago Muaj më parë
I am really inspired by you Ms Kryzzie, like how on earth your patience, energy, and positive aura last. You are one of the people I look up to. Hands up po sayo! Future Misis here. hehe God bless you and the skyfam always!
Watched this for the 10th time now. So addicted with your vids. Loved all your raw videos too. More of you and Scottie moments, please. And cooking vlogs na rin. Hehe. Love you Young Family. ❤️
LA Martinez
LA Martinez Muaj më parë
How about 24 hours with Daddy Slater and Scott hihihi just like in The Return of Superman 💖
Lilian Enclonar
Lilian Enclonar Muaj më parë
It's so cute when u call scottie "Dong"
Cristy Castroverde
Cristy Castroverde Muaj më parë
Cute 🥰🥰🥰
Charlene Mae
Charlene Mae Muaj më parë
Real life Jonaxx couple 😊😊😊
The Lone Geologist
The Lone Geologist Muaj më parë
Idola nimo uy! Laban.
The Lone Geologist
The Lone Geologist Muaj më parë
My first time to watch your vlog and maybe the start of forever.
Reina Angela
Reina Angela Muaj më parë
I love it when Kryz prepares breakfast
Ramayana Roxas
Ramayana Roxas Muaj më parë
He loves mommy's tummy so much I love him
Mary Harren Espiritu
Mary Harren Espiritu Muaj më parë
Song title in 3:01 pleaseee
Jhazzle Jaed Gramaje
Jhazzle Jaed Gramaje Muaj më parë
Even Scottie's cries makes me laugh. Such a happy baby uy. 🥺
Jhazzle Jaed Gramaje
Jhazzle Jaed Gramaje Muaj më parë
Happy Mother's day Kryz!
Lemon Lane
Lemon Lane Muaj më parë
I can't stop replaying the voice crack at 5:39 HAHAHAHHA
Maxine Buscato
Maxine Buscato Muaj më parë
Miss Kryzz thank you for the uploading! As always scottie is soooo cute. I just noticed a round bukol sa center of your chest area below your throat. around 16:18 or 16:19 mins. Much love and always thank you for sharing your life with us.
daryll Gavaz
daryll Gavaz Muaj më parë
Why is it always contagious to laugh when a baby in giggling so much?? Maka lingaw kayo si Scott
Wilhelmina Chua
Wilhelmina Chua Muaj më parë
I enjoy watching all of your episodes. May I request that you interview @Maine Mendoza #MaineMendoza, please? I would appreciate it. Thank you! :)
AJ ManaGee
AJ ManaGee Muaj më parë
Hala nahuman gyud nako intawon. Wa ko kabantay kay nalingaw kog tan aw hehe. Btw, Scottie is the cutessssssstt!!!
christy pagal
christy pagal Muaj më parë
Kinataw an nmu dong lami kissnuton oi
Julie Evangelista
Julie Evangelista Muaj më parë
I'm having anxiety attack lately and watching you with scotty makes me feel relaxed ❤
Jescely Gajo
Jescely Gajo Muaj më parë
Less than a month before our birthday scottieboo! He is the only gemini that I love ahahahhaa.
Delvie Jean Calamba
Delvie Jean Calamba Muaj më parë
Nalingaw kug taman nimu Scottie😊, SkyFam fan here🙋🏻‍♀️😍
annieb delasberlas
annieb delasberlas Muaj më parë
You're such a great mom miss kryz, hope that someday I will be also a great mom like you...
Junamel Baylosis
Junamel Baylosis Muaj më parë
Ms kryz asa nimo gi palit imo microwave ganahn kay ko 😍😍
Painhearted Ashlei
Painhearted Ashlei Muaj më parë
Nakahiga lng ako habang nanunuod. Hiyang hiya ako sa life ni Kryz. Haha. Nakapaproductive! Ako yung napagod kahit nanunuod lng ako.
Hannah Jao
Hannah Jao Muaj më parë
does anyone know why their callsign is romer/roms? its cute tho :((((
Diosaigne Mac.
Diosaigne Mac. Muaj më parë
Justine Mae Hacar
Justine Mae Hacar Muaj më parë
this my dream life. omg.
Keisha Mapalad
Keisha Mapalad Muaj më parë
Imagine these celebrities doing everything w/o helpers, that's what ordinary moms' days look like. They are so blessed w/ a lot more time to do some stuff and REST. But let's not forget the fact that they (and their parents) have worked hard for what they have now. Sana all!
Mica B
Mica B Muaj më parë
Paano kaya gawin ni Ms. Kryz yung POV na video?? Ang galing!!@@
April Joy Nacion
April Joy Nacion Muaj më parë
Curious lang po. Why romer? Hehe
Jaja Clavo
Jaja Clavo Muaj më parë
Super narerelax talaga ako sa day in a life vlogs ng Sky Fam 🥲🥰
Jaja Clavo
Jaja Clavo Muaj më parë
Kryzzz!!! Sino nagtake ng video while you were preparing breakfast??? Hahahhahaha na curious ako!
BLue Pinkstar
BLue Pinkstar Muaj më parë
Try niyo po zoom meetings with the other vlogger besties or friends or try to invite them in your podcast. Wala lang para lang to catch up with them.
peng Vergara
peng Vergara Muaj më parë
How old is ur baby now months old??
Alwynlaiza Bacolod
Alwynlaiza Bacolod Muaj më parë
Kryz to slater: you suck HAHAHAHAHA lmao
F o r e v e r   s i m p l y   g a c h a   L i f e
Very fancy house so big and ur meals or so fancy like whaaaaa
Sirk_Andreeea Muaj më parë
Sirk_Andreeea Muaj më parë
sobrang bilis ng panahon scottie!!😫 please don't grow up so fast😭
MsForehead Muaj më parë
Ang katawa ba himos bataa 💋❤😍
Noel Nemenjo
Noel Nemenjo Muaj më parë
13:03 katawaa nako oyy hahahahaha. Ma lipay jud akong mama aning bataa gyod! 🤣🤣
Gene Paul Agapito
Gene Paul Agapito Muaj më parë
He’s laughing 🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰
rafaela almazan
rafaela almazan Muaj më parë
WOAHWOAHWOAHH wait miss maam, we want to know bts of how u took vids from that pov,, that's taking us to breakfast in a whole new level, I luv ittt
Shaira dela Cruz
Shaira dela Cruz Muaj më parë
goals kaayo myghaaad puhon
eloisa marie virtodazo
eloisa marie virtodazo Muaj më parë
Scotie laughs mkawala ug stress 😘
Janica Martinez
Janica Martinez Muaj më parë
Where do you edit your videos🥲
jjdee Muaj më parë
I don't know how you manage a household and still be a boss. Now that's a strong independent woman. ❤️❤️❤️
haze Muaj më parë
Malingaw qg ingun ani na vlog😊❤️hi scottie
R-nalie Escauriaga
R-nalie Escauriaga Muaj më parë
Hello mommy kryz. ♥️
Charis Demetria
Charis Demetria Muaj më parë
Scottie boooo murag kanang may buot oy cute2 nimooo🥺
Mhaemay Nawilac
Mhaemay Nawilac Muaj më parë
d na bubuo ang araw d naka watch nitong pamlyang to.. love u .. po. stay safe .god bless.. lalo na si scottie . . boy . .
Marie Muaj më parë
17:06 if you’re having a bad day, scottie’s laugh will make your day. Very contagious laugh 🥺😭😂😂
Chloe Yu
Chloe Yu Muaj më parë
Hi Miss kryz hopefully share niyo po everyday meal plan niyo ni scot 😍Thank you
Jorgy Falcasantos
Jorgy Falcasantos Muaj më parë
Kada maglantaw ko'g vids sa #skyfam or maminaw sa skypodcast kay mura ko'g kaminyoon. 😂❤🥰
Christine Del Mundo
Christine Del Mundo Muaj më parë
Scottie smile was priceless ❤️❤️❤️❤️💥
Nickie Doms
Nickie Doms Muaj më parë
Okay, best vlog ever so far. So much Scott! Thank you! ♥️🙏🏼
Mystic FireBird PH
Mystic FireBird PH Muaj më parë
Hi mga Baby Loves Sana may TAONG makapansin at subscribe rin po sa akin 😘😘😘lalo't ako na nagtutuloy ng channel na ito.😊
Princess Sabado
Princess Sabado Muaj më parë
I love this fam ❤
Samantha Jane Arcite
Samantha Jane Arcite Muaj më parë
hi ate kryz try to vlog no editing video. 😀
RJ DQ Muaj më parë
HAHAHA 21:54 bakit ako yung napapasabi ng "mango" HAHAH
Maia Gonzales
Maia Gonzales Muaj më parë
I love their family ❤️❤️❤️
Stephanie Germino
Stephanie Germino Muaj më parë
scottie looks so healthy♥️
Reije Pintacasi
Reije Pintacasi Muaj më parë
You never fail to improve your vlog miss Kryyzzz. Love you skyfaaamilyyyy♥️♥️
Adelina Eala
Adelina Eala Muaj më parë
I am a fan of you Kryz, the first time I saw you in the candy magazine until now with your skyfam. Letting you know that your vlogs and even Slater vlogs are a usual part of my daily routine especially these pandemic days. Little thing did I know, I am eating and preparing healthier foods, and even the style of clothes hmmm because both of you are good influencers. Soon to be a happy working mom (civil engineer and college prof) here
airo nicole
airo nicole Muaj më parë
i'm really loving the subtitles and callouts
Stephanie Masias
Stephanie Masias Muaj më parë
Love you SKY fam🥰💖
KAREN TV Muaj më parë
anggg katawang scottiieee makawag blema
Odessy Grace Martinez
Odessy Grace Martinez Muaj më parë
Kanang Ma'am kryz curious lang po hehehehe kay sa mga baby na parehas og edad ni Scottieeeboo know a days kay gina patan aw na og cocomelon, ka tan aw na si Scott Ma'am Kryz? or wla pa nimo gina allow Ma'am Kryz
SAGUID, JANICA MAE D. Muaj më parë
dear comrade
dear comrade Muaj më parë
humol in bisayas is hulom in hiligaynon!!! i love how these languages are soooo similar
RA M Muaj më parë
27 minutes raman lagi 😂
Jeannie Buniel
Jeannie Buniel Muaj më parë
Your vlogs make me want to start my own family na ! Hahah. Anyone share the same thoughts with me? 🙋‍♀️ . Hugs everyone 💞. God bless you and your family always Ms Kryz !
Crisel Tundag
Crisel Tundag Muaj më parë
Lovely Faith Laderas
Lovely Faith Laderas Muaj më parë
Love watching Kryz’s vlogs. So natural and her voice was nice.
_coffe panda_
_coffe panda_ Muaj më parë
Scottie is so cute
D5niella Muaj më parë
Exams. I took a break to watch ate kryzzies vlog😭✊😫🌸😘😘
Anne Ducut
Anne Ducut Muaj më parë
This is the funniest vlog ever and I don't know why HAHAHAHA
Anne Ducut
Anne Ducut Muaj më parë
What is roms po?
Camella Rose De Belen
Camella Rose De Belen Muaj më parë
Ms Kryz, grocery haul plsssss
hey_nicole Muaj më parë
I'm a vlogger too and I tell you it ain't easy to vlog. I really admire how Kryz does it with a baby, and an aethetic vlog as well. She's hardworking and loves what she does indeed! 💞 oh, my inspiration 😍🥰
Ahzie Muaj më parë
Kryzzie and Slater are so cuteeee omggg I want this when I get married 💗
Lovely Gingane
Lovely Gingane Muaj më parë
Okay Scottie's giggles is contagious 😍♥️
Noereen Parcon
Noereen Parcon Muaj më parë
Cutieee Scottie 🤗
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