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Daði og Gagnamagnið - 10 Years - LIVE - Iceland 🇮🇸 - Second Semi-Final - Eurovision 2021 

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Daði og Gagnamagnið represented Iceland in the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song 10 Years
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20 Maj 2021




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Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest 2 muaj më parë
Read more about Daði og Gagnamagnið here: eurovision.tv/participant/dadi-og-gagnamagnid-2021
Eskil 23 ditë më parë
Iceland is Amazing song
Sasa Skalakova Kusnyerova
Man Id
Man Id Muaj më parë
@Hákon Snorri Rúnarsson 1
Andi Mausi
Andi Mausi Muaj më parë
@Mario Kecskes Blahblahblahh lol lol lol 👎👎👎
Meldra Zelenkevica
Meldra Zelenkevica Muaj më parë
Yo Xd
Yo Xd 23 orë më parë
this song is totally addictive
Krzysztof Trzęsicki
Krzysztof Trzęsicki 2 ditë më parë
Nice 80s. climate... Great job!
Gavin Rose
Gavin Rose 3 ditë më parë
A large percentage of Icelands population was on that stage. If they had a bigger population they would have had more votes and they would have won.
Alic Eke
Alic Eke 3 ditë më parë
Love from Iran ❤
Irenz ira
Irenz ira 4 ditë më parë
Like it! Mmmm feel good!!!¡!!!!!!
EK X 4 ditë më parë
Thank You You Rope !
Leo Den bästa
Leo Den bästa 5 ditë më parë
That dance 😍😍😍
Ando Redeemit
Ando Redeemit 5 ditë më parë
I put loads of money EW on this song and didn't care if it lost. ( EW 4th) Italy was great but this was great fun and impossible not to like. Congratulations Iceland. Come back every year!!!
Cockatoopoo 5 ditë më parë
I was NOT keen on Italy and Switzerland but this. This is a treasure.
James Bond
James Bond 7 ditë më parë
Haku Daichi
Haku Daichi 7 ditë më parë
his voice is like a milk with honey, so smooth, warm and sweet, it’s amazing!
Le Soleil
Le Soleil 10 ditë më parë
i don't wanna know what would've happened if i never had had your love
Linda 10 ditë më parë
Already two months ago, and I'm still so obsessed with this song. It just instantly makes me happy. :)
Jana Ljubisavljevic
Jana Ljubisavljevic 10 ditë më parë
Omg what is this...so cold,without emotions
Wynwns 11 ditë më parë
Awww, can't I give this more thumbs up from me, hundreds and thousands, love it.
Mario Kecskes
Mario Kecskes 11 ditë më parë
I hear this song every day! Let me believe in love and makes me happy! Nice greetings from Austria!🤗♥️
Naruto'nun Rameni
Naruto'nun Rameni 12 ditë më parë
Sana aşığım Daði Freyr ❤
Cédric'in üzümlü keki
Cédric'in üzümlü keki 12 ditë më parë
Ben de ❤️
Finom Punci
Finom Punci 12 ditë më parë
I like it After the Nazi band
Kunio Sato
Kunio Sato 12 ditë më parë
Just awesome!! I Love you guys!!!
Ross Ross
Ross Ross 12 ditë më parë
Sooner or later.......Iceland will win
Aline Rodenbach
Aline Rodenbach 13 ditë më parë
Cool die lage stem
Moses Diego
Moses Diego 14 ditë më parë
Just perfect.NERD music is AWSM
Emanuele Romeo
Emanuele Romeo 14 ditë më parë
genuine and talented guys.... wow
panagiota karakaxoudi
panagiota karakaxoudi 14 ditë më parë
Πολι ειρεμο αλά καλούτσικο ✌️🇬🇷🇬🇷
Екатерина Ветрова
Какие прикольные ребятки!!👍👍👌 так вкусно🥰🥰😍
musicdoesnotloveyou 15 ditë më parë
I like this. I like this very much.
Lehems Grønd
Lehems Grønd 16 ditë më parë
Zuzana Ziadehová
Zuzana Ziadehová 17 ditë më parë
Can we PLEASE talk about the fact, that they all have their nails painted the same colour as a part of the costume
Hava Selimovic
Hava Selimovic 18 ditë më parë
Frensis Wagner
Frensis Wagner 18 ditë më parë
Анастасия Лонская
still my favourite
Sevgi Seckin
Sevgi Seckin 18 ditë më parë
The dance XD
Winistan 19 ditë më parë
I simply love this... watched the documentary after and even more in love with you guys... more songs please!!! Love from Pakistan
Prateek Lakhera
Prateek Lakhera 19 ditë më parë
why I have a feeling that the lead singer is Jeffrey Star with eyebrows T_T
Romana Budínová
Romana Budínová 20 ditë më parë
prostě božíííííí!!
Ryan Yan
Ryan Yan 21 ditë më parë
the mans voice wow
Ronik 21 ditë më parë
Janek 22 ditë më parë
Milica Stanar
Milica Stanar 22 ditë më parë
Jess Mig
Jess Mig 23 ditë më parë
Genial 👍🏼
Татьяна Янковская
Как мне кажется, это вызов. Всему неживому,фонограмме, нарощенному и надутому. Всё просто и натурально.
Life With Mrs B
Life With Mrs B 24 ditë më parë
I love these guys!! Showing that you don’t have to wear a ton of make up, hair extensions, or wear hardly any clothes, to be successful and entertaining.
Way Ward
Way Ward 25 ditë më parë
Can someone make this a summer hit number 1, oh yes, it's us!
Kit Kat
Kit Kat 25 ditë më parë
Hashtagsandtapas 25 ditë më parë
Such good song 🎶 love from Italy Edit: btw this was Ed Sheehan’s second favourite after Italy 😜
Ronald Reagan 1989
Ronald Reagan 1989 26 ditë më parë
Lehems Grønd
Lehems Grønd 26 ditë më parë
hi nor kommer dere til Norge dere alle venter
Alessandro Ranieri
Alessandro Ranieri 26 ditë më parë
Are they singing in English?
elisjah jobse
elisjah jobse 25 ditë më parë
no in german
Nicolai Putii
Nicolai Putii 26 ditë më parë
Я тут по русски напишу, зашла эта музыка😉
oksana Odnorih
oksana Odnorih 26 ditë më parë
Its okay 👌
oksana Odnorih
oksana Odnorih 26 ditë më parë
Любовь Колчина
Любовь Колчина 27 ditë më parë
Cristiana Pivari
Cristiana Pivari 27 ditë më parë
I adore them
ElberethOhGilthoniel 28 ditë më parë
I don't think I'll ever understand why so many people liked this. The costumes,the performance,the song is just so far from my aesthetics to the point where I truly don't get it. But I guess that's Eurovision,so many genres and styles and almost everything finds some love.
Thor Rørdman
Thor Rørdman 4 ditë më parë
Hashtagsandtapas 25 ditë më parë
Suggest you watch the “Love love peace peace” medley they made at Eurovision taking the piss at their own show it’s quite funny
Hashtagsandtapas 25 ditë më parë
Some of it is made extra joke on purpose :) The song is good
likuna grinevsky
likuna grinevsky 28 ditë më parë
This song is weird but I love it
Leonidas Kranidis
Leonidas Kranidis 28 ditë më parë
I love this song 😍
soft._. breâdy
soft._. breâdy 28 ditë më parë
How is the blue hair related to him? :3
elisjah jobse
elisjah jobse 23 ditë më parë
@MJL yess
MJL 23 ditë më parë
The only one related to him is the girl with the shoulder-length, blonde hair. That’s his little sister, Sigrún. The lady with short, curly hair is his wife Árný. The rest of the members are friends of his.
elisjah jobse
elisjah jobse 25 ditë më parë
she isnt haha
Best of the beast like beast
Best of the beast like beast 29 ditë më parë
This song is soooo catching
1101%10% 29 ditë më parë
his voice ahhh🥺
Cristotales 29 ditë më parë
30/06 Happy Birthday, Daði Freyr, thank you for all your geniality on making music, hope you had plenty of amazing years. Huge hug from Ecuador. :D You can like this comment to say HB to him. :D
Ross Ross
Ross Ross 29 ditë më parë
:: Why this song did not win is beyond me. Everything about it is so very Eurovision. Iceland... keep doing what you do... you will win in time ::
James Bond
James Bond 29 ditë më parë
Dusklight2008 29 ditë më parë
Heil to Iceland, real vikings =)))) Oh, is it the real Iceland?
Cinzia Poggioli
Cinzia Poggioli Muaj më parë
Gabriel Mansilla benayas
Me gusta esto ❤️
Caine Butler
Caine Butler Muaj më parë
I lost braincells watching this
39pimat Muaj më parë
Kid’s song
Grosu Oana
Grosu Oana Muaj më parë
James Bond
James Bond Muaj më parë
мои любимчики❤️
James Bond
James Bond Muaj më parë
emanuele fuggetti
emanuele fuggetti Muaj më parë
animatek Muaj më parë
The true winners!! no doubt!!
Oploditelj Muaj më parë
I can stop listen this song 😂🤩
Andrei Andreev
Andrei Andreev Muaj më parë
Очень качественно, тембр вокалиста - божественнен
Vanessa Bongo
Vanessa Bongo Muaj më parë
I love this song❤️👍🏻
Jostein Egset-Olsen
Jostein Egset-Olsen Muaj më parë
Ana Kulic
Ana Kulic Muaj më parë
Ana Kulic
Ana Kulic Muaj më parë
Anontommar Muaj më parë
Why did I laugh on the dance?
Dimitroula Georgiadis
Dimitroula Georgiadis Muaj më parë
I love all of you
inga buivydiene
inga buivydiene Muaj më parë
Hälsningar från Sverige !!!🥰😍🥰🥰
Alexandra Lil
Alexandra Lil Muaj më parë
Русские ставят лайк:
James Bond
James Bond Muaj më parë
Евгений Баранов
как эта фигня Финляндию обошла ?
kara Muaj më parë
this gives me serotonin
Edi Muaj më parë
0:47 their walking tho... I cant-😂
miguel de jong
miguel de jong Muaj më parë
This is my favorite and ukraine
Çoban Yıldızı
Çoban Yıldızı Muaj më parë
Eduardas Taspats
Eduardas Taspats Muaj më parë
So good song
RiEsJe PoSSie
RiEsJe PoSSie Muaj më parë
I can't keep my eyes off Dadi's sister, the blond girl with the glasses. And a great song too! Too bad it didn't win.
Karen Lewis
Karen Lewis Muaj më parë
I love singing this to my husband. I change it to we've been together for four decades now. He doesn't love the singing but loves the song and it's so much better than some of the songs i sing to him. Bless him.
Karen Lewis
Karen Lewis Muaj më parë
Love them! How didn't they win? Number one by far.
_DSG_ Muaj më parë
Какие вы классные.Миллион лайков.
Bjorn Tielen
Bjorn Tielen Muaj më parë
good song
Eliane Rousselle
Eliane Rousselle Muaj më parë
they are in my head trio : sweden finland and island
M4R4XUS Muaj më parë
This Does Put a Smile on My Face ♥
sa men
sa men Muaj më parë
2:09 I also love how they did that xD
sa men
sa men Muaj më parë
Amazing song! Iceland, you are amazing and believe in yourself! ^^
Нелли Григорович
Sie sind beste.beste.beste!!!!!!
Faqja Tjeter
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