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Morant Ejected! Kawhi 30 Pts Clippers Revenge vs Grizzlies! 2020-21 NBA Season 

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27 Shk 2021




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Komente 77   
Realtor Credit
Realtor Credit Muaj më parë
Lmao ja morant so soft never liked him has a punchable face
Hezekyah Israel
Hezekyah Israel Muaj më parë
I wonder if Ja’s red dread is for his affiliation with the Kabbalah
Justint Klodowski
Justint Klodowski Muaj më parë
I think serge had his arm hooked and it was between ja and the ref so he couldnt see. Just to hold.him back just enough then.took it.out
ShaneGxmes Muaj më parë
Plot Twist: He got mad bc his new hair got messed up
Andrew Parsons
Andrew Parsons Muaj më parë
Playoff p has made a comeback
Deleted Account
Deleted Account Muaj më parë
ja's hair looks goofy af
Ivan Leon
Ivan Leon Muaj më parë
0:14 traveling!
beboutbidness Muaj më parë
When you look at the replay Ibaka pushed him with his left arm while he was in the air which is dangerous. Most casual fans don't care about the Grizzlies anyway so they gonna say it wasn't a foul. He was getting fouled all night and got frustrated.
Jalen Black
Jalen Black Muaj më parë
if it was James Harden it would have been a foul ijs lol
Patrick Apoka Millares
Patrick Apoka Millares Muaj më parë
Ja morant goat
Yuli Fadida #keepinitreal
They dont call him PG 13 for nothin
Vinnii A
Vinnii A Muaj më parë
Kaykerdo Muaj më parë
its not even that bro if you a grizz fan you would know that the refs dont call nothing on us but gives the other team all the foul calls!
Galaxy YT
Galaxy YT Muaj më parë
PG13% am i right?
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Muaj më parë
PG gotta switch jersey number with Batum to drop 33pts 💀
Krish Patel
Krish Patel Muaj më parë
morant so overrated
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard Muaj më parë
Told you
Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley Muaj më parë
That’s how we do it. Morant trash, clippers in 4
You already Know
You already Know Muaj më parë
@LeBron facts
LeBron Muaj më parë
tubedude92 Muaj më parë
interesting how you cover the NBA but don't cover the raptors
Gaiusx2 Muaj më parë
Clippers should have either a star but man or a star playmaker instead of PG
Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley Muaj më parë
Forgot about me?
bennie 2k
bennie 2k Muaj më parë
Ayyy kawhi got some vc and bought himself a left sock
LimeCheese Muaj më parë
Lol too many 2k comments
Jason Allen
Jason Allen Muaj më parë
remember when he had a sleeve lol
Elusive Limited
Elusive Limited Muaj më parë
Who thinks Smoove should commentate the All-Star game
Choppa Smoke_23
Choppa Smoke_23 Muaj më parë
@Aryaman Malik 😂😂on me
Aryaman Malik
Aryaman Malik Muaj më parë
nah it should be djmeechymeech
Young Bull #2
Young Bull #2 Muaj më parë
Fixed game
Airborne Z
Airborne Z Muaj më parë
Morant looks stupid in that hair
Pascal TV
Pascal TV Muaj më parë
Klaw with a near triple double
Philigenes Muaj më parë
the ref stressed his ponytail
Justin Brown
Justin Brown Muaj më parë
dubois stewart
dubois stewart Muaj më parë
Breh, thats tuff
JFGC Ford Gaming
JFGC Ford Gaming Muaj më parë
Refs are so soft
Foscari Muaj më parë
Kwahi stands up and its a foul 💀
Leandro Salias
Leandro Salias Muaj më parë
Morant thinks he's gonna have the allstar treatment before being one lol
speed Muaj më parë
PG13 points!
Zachary Darrington
Zachary Darrington Muaj më parë
60% shooting
Kionte Wilford
Kionte Wilford Muaj më parë
Hey Doogie pookie smoove
Epsilon Muaj më parë
That ain't even a foul bruh 💀
Almighty Harry
Almighty Harry Muaj më parë
your soft
Stop The Cap
Stop The Cap Muaj më parë
He was frustrated he missed😂
Lorenzo Ascevero
Lorenzo Ascevero Muaj më parë
Pandemic P back at it
Carl Max
Carl Max Muaj më parë
Should have shown PG13 postgame meal lol
ikaw Muaj më parë
He got mad because his ponny tail got messed.
ikaw Muaj më parë
"You can't be racist if you're black" Seafearrer outside US find african american very racist.
memes gotspice
memes gotspice Muaj më parë
@ihavn-wordpass man's white
ihavn-wordpass Muaj më parë
@ShonNextDoor nah
ShonNextDoor Muaj më parë
@ihavn-wordpass ur prolly white
akashi Muaj më parë
@LeBron nah it’s just that zion and ja are my favorite new gen players
Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez Muaj më parë
That’s not a foul
Noah Agboinfi
Noah Agboinfi Muaj më parë
PPG 13
Noah Agboinfi
Noah Agboinfi Muaj më parë
PG13pts back at it again
travi Muaj më parë
Morant is a clown for that he just frustrated his team getting blown out
djstyle gaming
djstyle gaming Muaj më parë
@Michael Woods what answer you wanna hear?
djstyle gaming
djstyle gaming Muaj më parë
@El Jefe he the face of the nba. I’m just using an example relax
El Jefe
El Jefe Muaj më parë
@djstyle gaming People just love bringing up Lebron for no reason
Michael Woods
Michael Woods Muaj më parë
@djstyle gaming Of course. It’s Lebrons fault huh?
djstyle gaming
djstyle gaming Muaj më parë
But Lebron do it refs a clown aren’t they
Alaina Dawson
Alaina Dawson Muaj më parë
Jungle EnT
Jungle EnT Muaj më parë
He missed a green release i would be mad too
FlashVsZoom Muaj më parë
That’s some cheese!
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Muaj më parë
p d
p d Muaj më parë
Man look at PG13 so.... Inconsistent
Dank Man
Dank Man Muaj më parë
@XENON TV someone salty?
XENON TV Muaj më parë
Look at you injured probably gonna miss another playoffs
Fadoul Tchadizinde
Fadoul Tchadizinde Muaj më parë
Pfizer P back at it again with 13 points🔥🔥🔥
roddyveli !
roddyveli ! Muaj më parë
travi Muaj më parë
Pfizer P LMFAO
David Ola
David Ola Muaj më parë
6 for 11 shooting
Lil Rock 44
Lil Rock 44 Muaj më parë
Morant soft asf
Henny God
Henny God Muaj më parë
George already in playoff mode
Tumoh Muaj më parë
@Ichsan Ishak still bad considering he is being paid so much money he should be able to score more points than most of the players on his team.
Ichsan Ishak
Ichsan Ishak Muaj më parë
@travi wdym lol i know he scored just 13 points but he didn't perform bad lol, the clippers had 7 players in double digits, they were sharing the ball very well that game
travi Muaj më parë
I got some henny for ya
Ichsan Ishak
Ichsan Ishak Muaj më parë
bro he went 6/11 tho lol, he was efficient
That Guy
That Guy Muaj më parë
Soft-ass, that ain't no foul, cuh.
Adam Muaj më parë
@akashi factual. Last time in the first game of the season I don’t know he got fouled and they didn’t even call it.
akashi Muaj më parë
@travi he probably just got mad because they never call any fouls he draws i was watching the game and he got fouled while driving 6 times and it was no call
Red Op
Red Op Muaj më parë
@Fake Player 😆🤣
James Harden
James Harden Muaj më parë
@Fake Player Y'all better not be coming at me
D.M.E S Muaj më parë
@travi he thinks he gets the same treatment as James lol
Harris 05
Harris 05 Muaj më parë
Eliott Muaj më parë
U say pg didn't have a great game but he scored 13 points in 54% so that's effective he wasn't aggressive that's all
Geo Rockmann
Geo Rockmann Muaj më parë
@Zay 2k Do you really not understand how goofy you sound?
Zay 2k
Zay 2k Muaj më parë
@Geo Rockmann you go score 13 points on national TV and nba defense
El Jefe
El Jefe Muaj më parë
@I. R Thats not how maths work lmao
micheal olusanya
micheal olusanya Muaj më parë
@cam we blew them out and he had 30+ when we just played the nets & the wizards relax
cam Muaj më parë
a superstar contract player should be aggressive. 13 aint gonna cut it in the playoffs even if 100%
king Jr
king Jr Muaj më parë
Jonas Valanciunas 22pts
D1orDk Muaj më parë
PG took 11 shots lowe it
FAEKY Muaj më parë
PG 13 is now PPG 13
Raiden Charles
Raiden Charles Muaj më parë
Rather have 13 on 54 percent that 30 on 30 percent
v-Clampzz -
v-Clampzz - Muaj më parë
Amigo Primo
Amigo Primo Muaj më parë
Bruh that's so lame
GabrielQuiroz95 Muaj më parë
Bro you funny
Neno b21
Neno b21 Muaj më parë
Now that’s some cheese! 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️
WavyAnt _
WavyAnt _ Muaj më parë
I missed the same layup on 2k yesterday. We both left the game
NDM Muaj më parë
I feel u
Ruzh Muaj më parë
What difficulty?
ernest mallory
ernest mallory Muaj më parë
Lmao damn. Truth though
You already Know
You already Know Muaj më parë
Torrance Ingram
Torrance Ingram Muaj më parë
Marcin Kaczmarek
Marcin Kaczmarek Muaj më parë
Some Dude
Some Dude Muaj më parë
Doc Rivers is in the 76ers
Blitzz24x Muaj më parë
doc rivers definitely don’t coach there nomo
gabriel Muaj më parë
bro you have cancer?
James Belga
James Belga Muaj më parë
Hawks vs Thunder please, with the switch jersey color during that game.
MrBones 2002
MrBones 2002 Muaj më parë
Jaser Garcia
Jaser Garcia Muaj më parë
Wayoff P back at it
El Jefe
El Jefe Muaj më parë
@Yiftach Hertz its still 13 points PPG 13
Yiftach Hertz
Yiftach Hertz Muaj më parë
He shot better than 50%
Demlox /Loxfrvr
Demlox /Loxfrvr Muaj më parë
He literally scored 6-11
Diestro Terrero
Diestro Terrero Muaj më parë
Fucking soft nba all some soft players want soft calls come on
Dont Mess with me
Dont Mess with me Muaj më parë
PG 13 Scoring 13 pts in 2 Consecutive Games.
zuze Muaj më parë
@The Basketball G.O.A.T how is that possible ? Ym 1-4?💀
yaki soba
yaki soba Muaj më parë
Not big surprise
The Basketball G.O.A.T
The Basketball G.O.A.T Muaj më parë
And the lakers 1-5 in the last 5 games. Everybody has their slump.
Amir Mustaqiim
Amir Mustaqiim Muaj më parë
Im speeed
Richmond100% Muaj më parë
Fun fact: kawhi is the third youngest nba player to be a final's mvp.
Zayri Lookman
Zayri Lookman Muaj më parë
Mark Alexander Yourell
Mark Alexander Yourell Muaj më parë
Who are the others?
Richmond100% Muaj më parë
I mean the clipper's ey mate
Richmond100% Muaj më parë
@Snek Shrek Nugget's deserved it but looking back at it they should use they're guy's in the last 5 minutes because they're alway's tired
Snek Shrek
Snek Shrek Muaj më parë
Fun fact: kawhi blew a 3-1 lead.
Filthy Rich
Filthy Rich Muaj më parë
D Rose
D Rose Muaj më parë
I rather have 13 points on 54 percent than 30 on 30 percent
TGR Worldwide
TGR Worldwide Muaj më parë
@Mance Rayder I legit think his shoulder is bummy
Mance Rayder
Mance Rayder Muaj më parë
@TGR Worldwide he used
TGR Worldwide
TGR Worldwide Muaj më parë
Bruh can ball all he wants in the regular season. Will he show up during playoffs?
Mance Rayder
Mance Rayder Muaj më parë
@Loverboy facts
meepo merp
meepo merp Muaj më parë
lakers in 5
PocketRocket Muaj më parë
13th 😂🤣
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris Muaj më parë
Pandemic P back at it again!
Demlox /Loxfrvr
Demlox /Loxfrvr Muaj më parë
I can tell you don’t watch games 💀
Dev Muaj më parë
@Kiontae Settles pg 13, 13 pts
Kiontae Settles
Kiontae Settles Muaj më parë
Shot 6/11 so he was efficient
The Rebounder
The Rebounder Muaj më parë
*Ja morant Gets ejected* On the road to NEW GENERATION Russell Westbrook
Mond Seiiji
Mond Seiiji Muaj më parë
Mile High Prod.
Mile High Prod. Muaj më parë
Kawhi just programmed to carry
Vis Santana
Vis Santana Muaj më parë
Thanks to Pop lol. He lowkey carried Duncan and them boys in the last title with his defense.
Aykut Özçelik
Aykut Özçelik Muaj më parë
First faul to Kawhi was so bad.
BobbyDick22785 Muaj më parë
chris anthony
chris anthony Muaj më parë
that aint a foul and cut that hair
New York’s Heroes
New York’s Heroes Muaj më parë
They ejected him because of the hair
Tianyi Jase
Tianyi Jase Muaj më parë
Crazy hair
LEV-DUDE GAMER Muaj më parë
Let’s go another smoove vid love it
Nethwin Dharmaratne
Nethwin Dharmaratne Muaj më parë
Sal Muaj më parë
That's some cheese
Naveen Babu
Naveen Babu Muaj më parë
Hello all
Auston Oldham
Auston Oldham Muaj më parë
Yessir smoove
Faqja Tjeter