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How do games render their scenes? | Bitwise 

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I'm a professional programmer who works on games, web and VR/AR applications. With my videos I like to share the wonderful world of programming with everyone!

How do games render their scenes? We'll discuss how oldschool 8-bit games rendered their scenes and gradually move our way towards modern 3D rasterized games. You'll learn about rasterization, anti-aliasing, shadow mapping and more!

A lot has happened the last year in my life regarding moving, a new job and health issues, which is why I have not been able to make a lot of videos, but all is fine again now and I chose to work part-time so that I can spend more time on making videos more regularly! :)

I also created a Patreon page on which I release e.g. source code and have a tier option that includes having a personal chat with me!

My patreon: www.patreon.com/digidigger

OpenGL Game Rendering Tutoria; How Shadow Maps work www.youtube.com/watch?v=Esccg...

8-bit guy www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tfh0y...
Doom WASN'T 3D! www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb6Eo...
3D Graphics: Crash Course Computer Science www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEAtm...
How real time computer graphics and rasterization work www.youtube.com/watch?v=brDJV...

Doom engine wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doom_en...
Doom engine techniques qzx.com/pc-gpe/doom.txt
Doom engine source code review fabiensanglard.net/doomIphone...
Doom wiki doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_render...

Rasterization in one weekend tayfunkayhan.wordpress.com/20...
Rasterization a practial implementation www.scratchapixel.com/lessons...
Ray casting tutorial permadi.com/1996/05/ray-casti...

Music in in outro:
Besus y Abrazor - Rolemusic: freemusicarchive.org/music/Ro... available under a Creative Commons Attribution license creativecommons.org/licenses/...



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Roland Katsuragi
Roland Katsuragi 3 ditë më parë
3:03 Knowing what I do about the fourth dimensional construct housed in human vessel, referred to as simply "John Carmack," it's absolutely within the real of possibility
Blubus 16 ditë më parë
Fantastic overview! Definitely subscribing :)
Arkeshan 23 ditë më parë
Can't wait for the raytracing video bro
Arkeshan 23 ditë më parë
I never wondered about this while playing games. But thanks for the info it's good 👍
Sea Blazes
Sea Blazes 26 ditë më parë
*10:04* *videos title starts here*
81_Monish_ Roy
81_Monish_ Roy 26 ditë më parë
amazing brodr
Puspam Adak
Puspam Adak 29 ditë më parë
I am surprised by the fact that 3D graphics worked so well without dedicated hardware!
ANY ThInG TV With sK
ANY ThInG TV With sK Muaj më parë
11:25 සිරස TV
eyal baum
eyal baum Muaj më parë
love your explanations!
wafi Muaj më parë
Hope this series continues.. It is really insightful
Golden Darkness
Golden Darkness Muaj më parë
Hope mine brain cells were triangles too cuz I understood nothing 😂
kamel alhakimi
kamel alhakimi Muaj më parë
Witcher 3 x9999999999999bit
Houston Helicopter Tours
A bit simplistic in places.
NotoriousBAY Muaj më parë
Very informative but the producing of the video is very boring
Bharath chand
Bharath chand Muaj më parë
blue color pigment is rare in nature also. So birds feathers and butterflies use light scattering to appear as blue in between their feather microstructure. Blue is compromised in nature also. Perhaps we're living in a simulation.
Naschaat Muaj më parë
1:42 .....and 50 Shades of Grey
Naschaat Muaj më parë
How do games render (constantly better): It is all about more Information getting stored and calculated. Means more Storage Place and faster Calculations. The smaller the Circuits the more the Storage and faster the Calculating.
Jg235 Muaj më parë
Inevitably we will start to question our own reality.
Sourav Dey
Sourav Dey Muaj më parë
Please talk normally. Not with high/low pitch in every sentence.
dian dedi priyadi
dian dedi priyadi Muaj më parë
Don't know what this is, just keep watching
P 4 Pakao
P 4 Pakao Muaj më parë
Thanks for the video ☺️
Henry van Megen
Henry van Megen Muaj më parë
Protip; haal effe zo'n camping eiermat en haal een grote emmer.. zaag die emmer half door, lijm die mat daar in en gebruik dat om je microfoon om op te nemen zonder echo's..
Necromorphicon Muaj më parë
I had this weird feeling back in the day in Wolfenstein and Doom that you moved the level,not the character around, and assets and other stuff was not rendered until you where close enough,and thus save computing power.
Raghuraj Nair
Raghuraj Nair Muaj më parë
The explanation is so technically elegant and concise. I had to sub immediately. Well done!
Mackan Sven
Mackan Sven Muaj më parë
Damn such a good informative video, totally love it
Stelian Neculii
Stelian Neculii Muaj më parë
Me as a dev, so how dose Ghenshin Impacts can suport a giaint open world on 2 gb ram pc... answers of the video : triangle
Vinit Agnihotri
Vinit Agnihotri Muaj më parë
This is just too good, basic, to the point and covers many aspects of rendering.
Jack Dune
Jack Dune Muaj më parë
Why didnt old games like doom use any kind of roof? Its a single color🤔
Levent Kangal
Levent Kangal Muaj më parë
12:39 does anyone know game name ?
Linh Do
Linh Do Muaj më parë
Liên quân với pubg chắc cả một tập thể não to ms lm đc
Proffesseurevil Muaj më parë
I would love to see a follow-up
Sw00t_y PrD
Sw00t_y PrD Muaj më parë
Jesus Christ is the King 👑
hug ster
hug ster Muaj më parë
I have no idea what you are on about I don't even know how I got here
Lokesh Jha
Lokesh Jha Muaj më parë
Were you pregnant 🤰 for 9 months?
DEHRK Muaj më parë
Im high af
Cybervibe Muaj më parë
This taught me a lot, thank you! :)
Study with pokets
Study with pokets Muaj më parë
Never noticed that data structure and tree data sorting would be this useful! Glad i learned them in college
James Kelmenson
James Kelmenson Muaj më parë
To be honest there is no game or movie or animation that looks anything close to photoreal on a computer you might find in a house. The really impressive stuff is cgi in movies. That stuff is routinely photoreal and streaming onto televisions with very little on board compute. There are workstations with a terabyte of ram and displays with an unfathomable number of pixels per square inch - thats where the graphics can get truly indistinguishable from reality
Nabajyoti Bhattacharjee
I recently enrolled in a cs course, able to understand your video well.. Nice content..
Raghavendra J
Raghavendra J Muaj më parë
Thanks for valuable information Sir...
kenan 238
kenan 238 Muaj më parë
0:30 "Our machines Can render nowadays" My pc running on integrated : Well yes but actually no
UnGraduate Engineer
UnGraduate Engineer Muaj më parë
i was in a park in a lady loudly called "anyone who wants an ice cream come over here" i headed over with everyone. she handed out ice cream to them all and asked me "WHO ARE YOU?" i realized the rest were all her family. 3years later i still think about it......
D-Tunez Muaj më parë
Cool story bro
UnGraduate Engineer
UnGraduate Engineer Muaj më parë
i was in a park in a lady loudly called "anyone who wants an ice cream come over here" i headed over with everyone. she handed out ice cream to them all and asked me "WHO ARE YOU?" i realized the rest were all her family. 3years later i still think about it....
UnGraduate Engineer
UnGraduate Engineer Muaj më parë
i was in a park in a lady loudly called "anyone who wants an ice cream come over here" i headed over with everyone. she handed out ice cream to them all and asked me "WHO ARE YOU?" i realized the rest were all her family. 3years later i still think about it....
Le Microwave
Le Microwave Muaj më parë
F A R I D Muaj më parë
Quality Content! Just SUBSCRIBED!
Thomas Stimson
Thomas Stimson Muaj më parë
I'm intrigued
Andalas Fajar
Andalas Fajar Muaj më parë
8:10 what is this game?????
Bhushan Marathe
Bhushan Marathe Muaj më parë
What's your education bro
Xavier Debidour
Xavier Debidour Muaj më parë
For Doom you still a kind of ray tracing or ray casting to determine what elements are visible to the camera and should be drawn.
Et Diabolus
Et Diabolus Muaj më parë
Better than my whole semester on computer graphics. Cheers
DickBurns Muaj më parë
i knew most of this but still enjoyed watching this. subbed!
Prokrast Nation
Prokrast Nation Muaj më parë
I’m so glad I watched this. This whole time I thought Id had a time machine…
Jeffrey Sims
Jeffrey Sims Muaj më parë
The same way our minds do
Anton Qvarfordt
Anton Qvarfordt Muaj më parë
You still use Raycasting all the time in game development... However maybe not as much in game rendering.
BinaryDuPizza Muaj më parë
Imagine the reality we live in needs to refresh and reload like video games 😂😂😂 Grandparents: You're fortunate to be alive in this time my grandchild. When I was your age we had to wait much longer for the world to refresh or reload in order to say hi to our friends across the road.
Nee Muaj më parë
Very good and informative video!
Hsuan Ting Yeh
Hsuan Ting Yeh Muaj më parë
I noticed that you are not a frequent video uploader. I just want to tell you that what you sharing is pure gold. Looking for more of your quality videos.
Ashok Reddy
Ashok Reddy Muaj më parë
What dude..u are saying the applications of what we studied in college...I never knew binary tree will be an application of player tracking in a map...and I didn't even thought it would be like that...
xtokumaru Muaj më parë
The part about 8-bit graphics was WAY off... You did describe one way (out of many) in which to represent colors using 8 bits, but that's absolutely NOT what machines like the NES, Master System or Commodore 64 used, specially considering that these systems have vastly different graphical capabilities, despite all of them being 8-bit. Being 8-bit simply means that they have an 8-bit CPU, it has absolutely nothing to do with graphics. In conclusion, the expression "8-bit graphics" doesn't mean anything in a technical sense, it just references the general graphical style used back in the day of 8-bit machines.
Yunidude Muaj më parë
You explained this very well. I knew nothing about this and now I feel like I understand the basics!
3DSage Muaj më parë
So beautifully explained! :)
Peace Muaj më parë
Still don't get how TF this stuff is made, where from bits and bytes are coming from, how do they get the color on screen etc...
LeicaM11 Muaj më parë
I like, killing those bavarian Nazis in their brown uniforms! 😁
Allan Gildea
Allan Gildea Muaj më parë
Superb, thank you.
screw bolt
screw bolt Muaj më parë
i learned something new and that is fascinating as i want to be a game programmer. It's really need hard work and patience to create different parts of a game.
Orfa iarumas
Orfa iarumas Muaj më parë
I'll have to watch this more than once.
Paanch Tanmatra Studio
Paanch Tanmatra Studio Muaj më parë
Finally you are back. Yes, Graphics are very important. Visuals are the top 3 most important thing in the games. You should see Game-jam submissions. The graphics they make is something else in so less time.
Nightbot Muaj më parë
When he started saying shades. First thing came up in my mind "Where is 50 Shades of Grey ?"
Bas Bloem
Bas Bloem Muaj më parë
Im sorry, but if ur talking about graphics and you use one of those 'smoothening' pixel shaders then I click away...
GaMiNg StAr
GaMiNg StAr Muaj më parë
So well explained👏👏
Mahdi Kamalinejad
Mahdi Kamalinejad Muaj më parë
Ty so much for explaining
THE CREATOR Muaj më parë
This video was made to only tell us that he is still alive
Guts -
Guts - Muaj më parë
Hey this is a really good and well put together video
Dibya Nemkul
Dibya Nemkul Muaj më parë
Glad I found this channel 😃
Mad At Gas Car
Mad At Gas Car Muaj më parë
0:25 game name?
Kuching.sniper Muaj më parë
slimshady Muaj më parë
This video is gold. This will remain in our heart forever
Scott Douglas
Scott Douglas Muaj më parë
This is just bad. Your explanations and descriptions range from ambiguous to inaccurate. Sorry but it's true.
ExecutorQ3 Muaj më parë
so... thx to the intro i now realize Gerald is running like a Megaman from that old game you clipped before witcher 3 (it was megaman, right?).
youser namess
youser namess Muaj më parë
0:18 what was the name of this game? (after mario)
Windows XP
Windows XP Muaj më parë
It's not raytracing only ray casting!!!
Mark Sevastipol
Mark Sevastipol Muaj më parë
I don't get how blender can't render 2million verticies but I can play apex legends just fine using a 1050ti for both apps
Der Pfandleiher
Der Pfandleiher Muaj më parë
Thx to this video, I just solved a random problem ive had in blender today xD NICE
Pedritox0953 Muaj më parë
Wonderful video !!
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone Muaj më parë
Usually between two dimensions.
ItsPushy Muaj më parë
See, we don't need education system to learn a 3 months subject for game development theory
Barnabás Molnár
Barnabás Molnár Muaj më parë
0:47 That's a 'Nice' byte you got there. Yea, we being mature and stuff.
Travis Muaj më parë
More storage has been a gift and curse. Now we just have to manage very bad memory management.
B. S.
B. S. Muaj më parë
Image how modern games would run if todays developers would be as smart as the dudes in former times...
B. S.
B. S. Muaj më parë
@Alex Trollip thats right
Alex Trollip
Alex Trollip Muaj më parë
I mean find a small game and you can find an amazing well created program. Warframe is pretty big game but the file size, quality of the game and assets are amazing. And you can run it on a potato at low. And make it looks phenomenal with great hardware. Its just harder now because big innovative games need hundreds of people and you just can't guarantee quality with that many people. While quake and doom were like 2 software engineers
Alexander Vos
Alexander Vos Muaj më parë
Nice vid but cant ignore the fact that you sound like marcostyles...
publicmmi Muaj më parë
In Doom BSP-Tree was used to solve the sort-problem (back-to-front, front-to-back) fast. Sectors were used to determine where the player is and also the adjacent sectors. Sectors also were used for determining the floor and ceiling heights.
Aziaziazia ziaziaziazia
tj _
tj _ Muaj më parë
Mago Poligonal
Mago Poligonal Muaj më parë
Really cool, as a 3D artist those knowledge are essential
Bacon_ Man
Bacon_ Man Muaj më parë
You fool! Now I can render real life in 4k
Tooth_Fairy Muaj më parë
Congrats on the algorithmic success!!!
RR Muaj më parë
1:27 ....and fifty shades of gray ;D jkjk
Bunggo99 Muaj më parë
thanks man, these videos are very educational and insightful
Eckhart Pedersen
Eckhart Pedersen Muaj më parë
This video is terrible. Most concepts are never really explained, you just use a lot of jargon and (metaphorically speaking) wave your hands. The background footage often doesn't match the concepts that you are explaining. As a developer and 3d enthusiast I had a hard time following your explanations, I doubt any beginner gets any value out if this.
Faqja Tjeter
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