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MORE Barcelona vs. PSG reaction! Lionel Messi transfer talk & the end of Barca | ESPN FC Extra Time 

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ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Steve Nicol and Jan Aage Fjortoft are on Extra Time to answer:
(00:20) Would PSG even want Lionel Messi when he leaves Barcelona this summer?
(03:45) Has today’s performance vs. PSG proven that Barcelona are not an improved side?
(05:08) When will Kylian Mbappe win the Ballon d’Or?
(05:38) Does Barcelona need to get rid of Gerard Pique and Sergio Busquets?
(06:05) How will Sergiño Dest recover from being roasted by Mbappe?
(08:50) Does Eintracht Frankfurt have a chance against Bayern Munich this weekend?
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16 Shk 2021




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Neon9 Muaj më parë
🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 France winning UERO.... PSG winning CL..... Mbappè winning Ballon d'or
Hamid Sadik
Hamid Sadik Muaj më parë
Miss 🚫🚫🚫🗣️
Dammit I'm mad
Dammit I'm mad Muaj më parë
Well Frankfurt did beat Bayern.
Respect My Nerdz
Respect My Nerdz Muaj më parë
Messi wouldn’t leave Barcelona dafaq I’d like to send Neymar to barce We kinda don’t need Messi at PSG he’s old & his game doesn’t change Messi can’t play with sorry players
FarLeDJ Muaj më parë
I absolutely love, how the pundidiots aren't even hiding it anymore. Look back at some of the great wins Barca had in the league and cup this season. These asswhipes didn't even mention them. While an okay, unimportant game, by either a Man Utd or RM was covered. However. When Barca ha a bad game, these idiots are all over it. Gtfo.
Omar Ruiz
Omar Ruiz Muaj më parë
If someone is pushing to get Messi makes sense but IMO I would push for Haaland or Mbappe..might cost more but they are the future right now..
Lokere David
Lokere David Muaj më parë
Next game aggregate Barca 6 psg 4
Michael Trumph
Michael Trumph Muaj më parë
Keep on dreaming
archipiratta Muaj më parë
Messi to PSG: commercially, yes; tactically, no (unless he really evolves his game)
Aksil Nmarikan
Aksil Nmarikan Muaj më parë
All Barca players were bad in this game but Longlet and Alba were the worst and no body mentions it!
H.S Muaj më parë
Barca era is finished
Michael Trumph
Michael Trumph Muaj më parë
Barca era was finished a long time ago
Dave Brun
Dave Brun Muaj më parë
WHy Woud PSG want Messi, They Clearly dont need HIm
Ishtique Ahamed
Ishtique Ahamed Muaj më parë
Barca need a young team. A good plan. they should sold all old player. Need young perfect striker.
Peter Baldeo
Peter Baldeo Muaj më parë
The Barcelona era is coming to an end sadly it probably has already ended 😭
General K. Lusambo
General K. Lusambo Muaj më parë
ESPN sport not worth watching
General K. Lusambo
General K. Lusambo Muaj më parë
Look at how much time you put in to talk abut Barca when they lose.. when they win which they been over the past few weeks nothing is said about it.. such hypocrites yous are 🤨
Ali Babar
Ali Babar Muaj më parë
This is awesome!
Muthalath Al Qattaly
Muthalath Al Qattaly Muaj më parë
the Brench players everywhere else had the highest eagers, but inside Barca, they're as world holders as been, never let a nationality took over the diversity of a winning mentalist team, Barca is a typical example
Sanket Sutradhar
Sanket Sutradhar Muaj më parë
There is only one problem clement lenglet....the guy makes Titus bramble look world class
Shado2 Muaj më parë
can you please just stop talking. You are boring
Kern Jeremiah
Kern Jeremiah Muaj më parë
Serginho Dest had a better game than the other defenders. He did not do that badly. Mbappe was all over the place, not just running at Dest. What was Dest supposed to do, run all over and leave his flank? Shut up. The kid has a future. You guys can be so idiotic at times.
Tymko C
Tymko C Muaj më parë
No Neymar is a big plus for PSG it turns out. This tie is over, PSG off to final 8. Pundits are right, the only teams Barca has been beating lately are the mid to low table teams but they get beat by quality teams. If I was Messi I'd play 2 more seasons, give World Cup 1 more chance in Dec 2022 and then retire in summer 2023. Year or 2 later I'd take over as Barca manager (if I felt like it).
L&R M. M
L&R M. M Muaj më parë
Messi need to leave Barcelona to prove himself very2 boring to see Messi in one club 😁
Shazad ali
Shazad ali Muaj më parë
He's finished, wake up.
Michael Trumph
Michael Trumph Muaj më parë
He knows he can't cut it somewhere else, that's why he never left
Navah King
Navah King Muaj më parë
Burley is a funny lad
David Godoy
David Godoy Muaj më parë
Barcelona SUCKS, Messi wasted another year, Barcelona should just play soccer in the MLS
Emmanuel Sackie
Emmanuel Sackie Muaj më parë
So who’s team a will be if Messi jump ship to PSG Neymar or Messi?
Dasika Sairam
Dasika Sairam Muaj më parë
Cristiano Ronaldo has 763 career goals, meaning... Haaland would need 44 goals a year until he’s 35 to match him. Mbappé would need 48 goals a year until he’s 35 to match him.
Imafidon Oyamenda
Imafidon Oyamenda Muaj më parë
Let's be honest tho, he is metaphorically leaving a sinking ship. Psg ang man city don't need him to be honest, except for marketing reasons, strictly based on peformance on the pitch both teams have every position covered. Messi should have opted to leave when or before he turned 30.
Jo Nightwing
Jo Nightwing Muaj më parë
PSG don't need Messi.
ben bim
ben bim Muaj më parë
this idiot says after Brexit Frankfurt will overtake London as the biggest financial centre in Europe HA HA . 48% The UK’s share of global derivatives trading in the three years to 2019. For the EU 27countries combined it was 6%. For FX trading, the UK’s share was 43% and the EU’s 8% (Source: New Financial.
Ryujin Muaj më parë
Second leg will be PSG vs Refs all over again as Barca some how manages to win
punit khatri
punit khatri Muaj më parë
Just love Stevie .. He's like the grandad of the ESPN fc team 🤣❤️
Christopher Ondrak
Christopher Ondrak Muaj më parë
Koeman might be the worst barca manager in the past 30 years
Christopher Ondrak
Christopher Ondrak Muaj më parë
If prime messi and ronaldo wouldve played in that barcelona team they probably wouldve lost that game as well
Aw Craft
Aw Craft Muaj më parë
Upss 1 - 4 😂
Jeremy Ikemuonso
Jeremy Ikemuonso Muaj më parë
Remember 2016, we will see 6-4 very soon. Hopefully 😓😓😷😖😭😤😁
Subhankar Roy
Subhankar Roy Muaj më parë
let me get this correct - just a year back, Barcelona got spanked by Bayern 8-2 with "Pique, Busquetes, Alba in the back line" So, now they bought Pjanic from Juventus, gave enough minutes to Puig , played Umtiti as CB in La liga , tested so many alternatives and then went back to playing the same "Pique, Busquetes, Alba in the back line" again in a CL knockout match Is this a joke going on ?? i don't mind even if PSG scores 10 goals in Paris , but Pique, Busquetes should not be starting Champions league matches any more
Shibani Bose
Shibani Bose Muaj më parë
Messi went invisible like Ozil, did nothing except strolling around the pitch and scoring a PK. It was more like Barca were playing with 10 men.
SheMA Official
SheMA Official Muaj më parë
I think we are getting to the end of the Messi and Ronaldo debate now it’s time for Messi to show us is better than Ronaldo ‘ I am not throwing away what he has done but they always been so close to each other so maybe it’s time ‘
Diaz Castro
Diaz Castro Muaj më parë
so what will you do if you find out . lay an egg?
Banana Duck
Banana Duck Muaj më parë
Alright I’m a Barca fan and devastated but one thing I want to say is that it was a clear penalty. In Slow-mo you can see the defender clips De Jong from behind and at fast speeds the slightest touch messed you up. De Jong didn’t trip all by himself.
Tizih Brain
Tizih Brain Muaj më parë
We shouldn't forget Barcelona rejected Pochettino for Ronald Koeman... If Pochettino was Barcelona's coach this game would've been different.m
Diaz Castro
Diaz Castro Muaj më parë
poch is fake coach
Puccan Muaj më parë
He’s the best passer right now, best dribble, best free kick taker, best play maker , one of the quickest How is there doubt in this man? You don’t have to be a fan to see that he’s still top 3. Who wouldn’t want him in their team?
Michael Trumph
Michael Trumph Muaj më parë
Any smart manager would not want him. Why pay a huge fee to a has been who chokes in big matches ?!
Shteno Muaj më parë
Jesus... That guy Steve... It doesn't matter in what kind of combination you'd put him, regardless of who are gonna be the other 2 or 3 guys who will commentate, he is always the one who says crappy stuff, at moments doesn't even know himself, what he's trying to say, and most often, his analyzes and opinions are a total B.S. Why do they even bother calling up that guy?!
Patrick Donnelly
Patrick Donnelly Muaj më parë
Messi = overrated
Spikey Muaj më parë
Messi is washed up, no teams want to spend that kind of money on an old Messi. What have Messi accomplished after Xavi, Iniesta, Neymar leaving the club??? The answer: a big fat Zero. He got skills but not a game changer. He will be playing in MLS with in the next two years
Sezo Puro
Sezo Puro Muaj më parë
Barcelona 😂😂😂
S27 Muaj më parë
Neymar is Gronkowski and Mbappe is Mike Evans if you know what I mean 😂
Chinthaka Katakumbura
Chinthaka Katakumbura Muaj më parë
the problem is repeating the same defensive line and the midfield line again and again. and you can see the result is the same. Pique has not played for 3 months. and that was the match Koeman wants to try him out? if someone says we need experiences. I don't agree with that at all. because we are a great team with our new players and showed that in last laliga matches. if Koeman had any idea playing with Pique, should have tried him out against Alves. and then can see how he's feeling and performance of the team. pique and busquets have no confidence. When they are on the team, the whole team is weird because they are the leaders in the defensive line and the midfield line
Shashank S
Shashank S Muaj më parë
Understand the human psychology..Kids, Youths, Women, Girls get attracted to Ronaldo(as they see a hero like body) cuz of his good 6ft height, abs, good looks (his physical personality)+ his charisma is there & obviously his huge goals/ trophies/ records etc..(but those amateurs don't understand the subtle part the overall game dynamics, vision, game involvement, skills, thoughts, artistic abilities, influence, tactics, sportsmanship, piousness) But Mature people, Sportsmen, Legends, Retired players, Commentators, Referees, Coaches, Managers of any sport understand the real worth of Leo Messi.. I wish he never retires.. "Just watch him do magics all the time..Don't try to describe him" sorry I tried a bit..
Adjahni Thermot
Adjahni Thermot Muaj më parë
Lenglet was atrocious as well. On the Moise Kean goal, he looked at him, put his hands on him to know his position, and STILL left him alone for the header 🤦🏾‍♂️. My lord
Shaqoor Johnson
Shaqoor Johnson Muaj më parë
This guy said messi didn't reinvent himself. Messi was a right winger, false-nine, striker, deep lying player. Craig burley you have to think what you say Sir
LM10 Productions
LM10 Productions Muaj më parë
If Messi joins Psg after humiliation would feel like betraying barca
KO Barbosa
KO Barbosa Muaj më parë
-Barcelona can’t afford Messi‘s contract anymore -PSG showed that they don’t necessarily need Messi for champions league -Man city have financial fair play on their head and sincerely have to focus bringing strength on other positions Question is : Finally where does Messi go?
george kandakai
george kandakai Muaj më parë
The football world is so in awe with Messi that his lackluster is always blame on others. If Maradona can put Argentina on his back on the world stage how come the football world darling (Messi) is so dreadful for Argentina? PSG could've scored another 8 goals as Bayern Munich did and the football world darling is praised despite producing absolute nothing as the "Best Player in the World". Look, Messi is a great footballer but he's certainly NOT what others would like us to believe.
R bar
R bar Muaj më parë
C r 7 scored 330+ goal after reaching 30 years of age
Andre Customz
Andre Customz Muaj më parë
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia Muaj më parë
These guys always embarrassed themselves trying to sell the marketing product (Messi) year after year 😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😅
John Fulco
John Fulco Muaj më parë
Messi walking around the pitch again like he did in the Bayern embarrassment. He is a major reason why that ship is sinking, but instead of giving maximum effort he prefers to pout like a brat not getting his way. Ruining his legacy one CL game at a time, is he the only superstar to get repeatedly embarrassed on the biggest stage?
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov Muaj më parë
Last year they got rid of Suarez Vidal and Rakitic... should follow Messi, Busquets, Pique and Alba!
H Lopez
H Lopez Muaj më parë
Dest career was destroyed by Mbappe.
Iplayfootball999 Muaj më parë
One week ESPN praises barça, 3 days later " Barça are falling". It's one bad game.
Umashankar Lakshmanadas
Barcelona lol. waiting for the second leg.
Kyle Selby
Kyle Selby Muaj më parë
PSG owners are a disgrace to the game. No one should play for them.
FrizBee Muaj më parë
Ah the salt. Cry more 😭
Rohan Patel
Rohan Patel Muaj më parë
Mbappe has to win ucl or euro to win ballon dor
Carlos Montes-Brito
Carlos Montes-Brito Muaj më parë
Dest trash
Arturo Solis
Arturo Solis Muaj më parë
Most stupid comment ever .. they said they wouldn’t want Messi at Manchester city
Guy Bassman
Guy Bassman Muaj më parë
Inter Milan is the best club that Messi can join 👍💙🖤
William Espericueta
William Espericueta Muaj më parë
In a few years Barca is going to be on top again
Black Panther
Black Panther Muaj më parë
... The actual score should ve been 0-4.. .. Penalty was a joke..
Sachin R
Sachin R Muaj më parë
5:00 Deja vu 99%out..it's starting of a new cycle 🖤 (play dark theme in mind)
Luv Melo-
Luv Melo- Muaj më parë
The match against PSG was probably the best thing to happen to messi because that is the epitomy of his leave from Barca. Happy times are coming culers, just for other parties not you 🤣🤣🤣
JayroxTV Muaj më parë
Russel Stephan
Russel Stephan Muaj më parë
The penalty merchant Pessi is finished. Hes been washed up for a while now only creates Magic against Alavez , Getafe and Eibar🤣
Johnny Whyte
Johnny Whyte Muaj më parë
New title: 4 morons disrespect Messi
Russel Stephan
Russel Stephan Muaj më parë
Where was the disrespect? Messi fan boys are delusional
ThinkDifferent Muaj më parë
Messi has re-invented himself as the best midfielder. It'd just that he has to do EVERYTHING from the midfield. He basically has to pass to himself and score for Barca becasue the rest of the forwards arr absolute trash
Eduard Fernando Ajtum
Eduard Fernando Ajtum Muaj më parë
Is no one going to talk about the handball ?
Adam Darrar
Adam Darrar Muaj më parë
Mbappe now, in my opinion, is the best player in the world.
Shazad ali
Shazad ali Muaj më parë
Diaz Castro
Diaz Castro Muaj më parë
one match and you screaming
FrizBee Muaj më parë
Lewandowski and Neymar are better than him
Lincoln D
Lincoln D Muaj më parë
Messi 🤔 If I can't beat them, I'll join them 😉
Colin Chiwara
Colin Chiwara Muaj më parë
I don't even know what the big surprise is, Barca was over achieving and all of a sudden people are talking as if the 4-1 score is a surprise. Who wouldn't score against Barca who have conceded in almost every single match.
cmwong98 Muaj më parë
Messi to PSG?... who cares? Messi without big club... Messi is nothing ...lol
Sad Vader
Sad Vader Muaj më parë
Anyone else feel like there's still hope? As if PSG is gonna bottle it up like they did in 2019?
Irene kay
Irene kay Muaj më parë
Stop day dreaming, wake up buddy
Felix Asare
Felix Asare Muaj më parë
Am surprised Koeman is not mentioned here. The man started Pique and Dest at the same time. Two unfit players against Mbappe and expected a win?
P K Muaj më parë
Barca made a huge mistake when they sold Suarez(vampire) if Messi cant he can anyways respect to barcelona they will come back stronger from bayern fan
Raja O
Raja O Muaj më parë
These clown never talk how badly messi played whenever barca loses. Just joking around for that day.
D Muaj më parë
I can’t believe some of these clowns actually played professionally..
Ishmael Miller
Ishmael Miller Muaj më parë
Dembele stood up marking no one, put in no defensive work at all. He help cause the first goal.
joaquim Portugal
joaquim Portugal Muaj më parë
MBAPPE si lo cumeu tudo 🍔🍕🌭🍟🥬🥕 Y 🌶 lo 🐓 Y 🍷🍷🍷🍷 Y MESSI 🙀😱😹😹
Chris Isles
Chris Isles Muaj më parë
i cant believe these guys are dissing Frankfurt! Amazing Football club! FFS!
AJ Castro
AJ Castro Muaj më parë
Everbody miss, a New puyol, Marquez,abidal, dani Alves, xavi, iniesta, a new striker, david villa - eto
Dylan Mushonga
Dylan Mushonga Muaj më parë
That’s when you see that every team needs a Ronaldo on their side, when your backs are against the wall, when all hope is lost, when all heads are dropped down, every team needs that guy whose head will remain up, who will marshal the troops against all odds, who will fight to the death until the last whistle of the last second, If Barcelona had Ronaldo, they wouldn’t be written away # facts
anandhu prakash
anandhu prakash Muaj më parë
Usual ali moreno disappeared
James Neely
James Neely Muaj më parë
Are PSG a better side without Neymar?
criss bliss
criss bliss Muaj më parë
@James Neely I think the fluidity has come from PSG coach, he's a experienced manager who has injected some EPL work rate in the squad and you can see the fruits of it. When Neymar got injured you should watch the match vs Caen, the effort of Caen to stop PSG and Neymar trumps the workrate of Barca. The result at Camp Nou is more to do with how poor Barca are now than how good PSG are.
criss bliss
criss bliss Muaj më parë
@James Neely No, Barca are utter garbage, too much old and slow players, Messi is finished, they couldn't cope with PSG's work rate. Barca have been leaking goals all season, it's not a surprise and truth is PSG face tougher opponents in Ligue 1. Had Neymar been on the pitch it would've been a lot worse for Barca, they're a dusted club now. Mbappe went without scoring a goal in the Champions League in 2020, even without Neymar & it was with Neymar who gave him a penalty to finish his draught when he was on a hattrick. The thing is deluded Barca fans are not willing to accept what is true, their club is a Europa League level team, maybe just about.
James Neely
James Neely Muaj më parë
@criss bliss Im not trying to knock the player but it seems there's a certain flow to their attack without him
criss bliss
criss bliss Muaj më parë
Neymar who led PSG to their first Champions League final in history?
All E-Sports
All E-Sports Muaj më parë
I dont know why they blame sergino dest, i saw the whole match and he was outstanding in containing mbappe , 80% of the time mbappe couldn't dribble past him!
RM1094 Muaj më parë
Yet he still did what he wanted and had a hattrick..
Down Bad
Down Bad Muaj më parë
they didnt watch the match thats why
Disaster Artist
Disaster Artist Muaj më parë
where do PSG get the money from? Is he serious? 🤣🤣🤣
soar tustus
soar tustus Muaj më parë
Messi is looking for an escape route. It's clear C. Ronaldo is way better than Messi, for Messi cannot carry a team when the best players are not around him.
Umar Khan
Umar Khan Muaj më parë
I’m guessing Jules OD’d on baguettes no wonder he ain’t here 😂
Me Too
Me Too Muaj më parë
PSG was good because of the stupid lazy Barcelona defenders, they will not beat even the bad Real Madrid.
Bentley Muaj më parë
What rubbish they talking about, which team doesn't want Messi
Espen Falkeid
Espen Falkeid Muaj më parë
Barcelona is the new ac milan
JAGNE ISMA Muaj më parë
Barça 😅
Nqabayetu Gwaza
Nqabayetu Gwaza Muaj më parë
City are a pressing team,messy doesn't have the stamina and pressing will that our team has. I'm sorry but we dont want him
N. Hoffmann
N. Hoffmann Muaj më parë
i dont think messi is a asset i would try to bring in at this point.
Faqja Tjeter
Masterclass (Barcelone 1-4 PSG)